Still life and all that it includes - domestic objects, fruit, vegetables, flowers, fabric - in all manner of shapes, sizes and textures forms the basis of my work. I enjoy the simplification of shape, form and perspective in my art. I observe the pleasure and beauty in life’s ordinary rituals such as preparing a meal, laying a table, gathering ingredients etc. The subject matter allows the artwork to grow and evolve in response to the medium and processes utilised. Some pictorial motifs are reused, allowing for new ideas and work to develop and evolve.

I use the medium of printmaking, collage and painting. Indeed all three are often combined within the same artwork.

The works are sometimes combined into composite pieces - (as when making a meal and new ingredients get placed on the table as it progresses). The excitement of the art processes offers possibilities to keep changing and developing ideas during the ‘act’ of creating the work. Nothing is fixed from the outset; the work is allowed to evolve and grow through the 'act of making'.

I am currently a member of an artists' cooperative who exhibit in Chalk Gallery, Lewes, East Sussex
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